Located in the prestigious Palazzo Borromeo in Via Manzoni, 43 within the fashion district, near the La Scala theater and the Armani showroom, SPAZIO DNA becomes a point of reference and business between Made in Italy companies and their B2B target.

Here begins the Pink Revolution of Fuorisalone 2022 signed by Marco Poletti, DNA MADE IN ITALY founder and Italian Design Ambassador.

The energy of pink and tone-on-tone textures do not evoke a genre or a style, but a revolution that challenges prejudices and rumors, overcoming limits and barriers.

Pink Revolution is not just an emotional proposal, but a monochromatic starting point that changes the perception of space and objects, enhancing details, volumes and proportions.

Here different sectors rigorously made in Italy are contaminated in continuous evolution, such as design, fashion, beauty, food and beverage, even overcoming the concept of trends, limited in time.

A total pink space that tells the Italian lifestyle through a design vision in a residential key (Pink House) and Ho.Re.Ca (Pink Suite).


A revolution that, passing from companies of different nature, has “contaminated” materials and finishes in a transversal way.


Starting from the bathroom world, in which Marco Poletti’s intuition made it possible to combine the raw materials of two different companies, the ceramic of AeT Italia and the steel of Linki rubinetterie, in two collections signed by him and presented in this Fuorisalone 2022.

Poli is the collection of countertop ceramic washbasins with coordinated solid surface bathtub contained by a minimalist structure made up of modular, accessorised and adjustable rods, in the same steel as the IO taps.

IO was born from two traditionally distant signs, a line and a circle, like the materials that compose it, steel and ceramic. Two thoughts that become words, IO, in the two original handles with three 3 combination solutions, IO, OO and II, proposed in the Pink Revolution exhibition

The perfect material synergy of Poli and IO is completed with the customization in terms of color and modularity that has made it possible to perfectly coordinate these two collections within the Pink Revolution bathroom area.


The world of fashion meets design in the Pink Revolution living area thanks to the collaboration of two young and innovative companies: Stories Milano has evolved the concept of metallic fabric thanks to the collaboration of the Metallvm company. A real “impression” of the metal particles on the fabric, which bring with them the reflections and tactile sensations of the chosen metal. A perfectly successful experimentation on men’s and women’s clothing that dressed two deliberately feminine mannequins. Many choices that tune in to the values ​​of contamination, diversity and becoming carried forward by Pink Revolution.


DNA MADE IN ITALY is also high jewelery, to be worn and displayed as happens with the pure 23 kt gold of Ness1 that made the walls of the Pink Revolution shine in this Fuorisalone 2022. Gold as the fifth essence of jewelery, the primitive material from which everything is born and to which everything can return to regenerate itself in a continuous becoming.


Design as contamination and as a custom made ostentation: the Felis company has accepted the Pink Revolution challenge by dressing the splendid upholstery of its collections for the living and sleeping area with a jungle pattern in shades of pink.


A DNA MADE IN ITALY Fuorisalone that celebrated its revolution with a Pink Cocktail evening, not only with the limited edition Luis Francircorta – DNA MADE IN ITALY by Marco Poletti, but also with the official cocktail Dry DNA MADE IN ITALY presented during the evening and signed by Luca Mastini (Federal Sommellerie Teacher) in collaboration with the Luis Franciacorta company.


Una Pink Revolution ricca di collaborazioni e sorprese che ha aperto un nuovo capitolo del DNA MADE IN ITALY. Stay tuned!