Trevi, the mannequin becomes a design sculpture.

Design: Marco Poletti

Company: MDStudio

Water becomes ice, ice becomes sculpture and takes shape giving life to Trevi.

Marco Poletti designs for MDStudio Trevi, the Plexiglas sculpture that sublimates the concept of mannequin by interpreting a language with a modern character.


Luxury mannequin between retail and walk-in closet

Essential and crystalline, Trevi’s harmonious shapes fit perfectly into both classic and modern settings, from luxury clothing to underwear, up to deluxe walk-in closets for private customers. A refined and functional ice sculpture for both residential and commercial environments.


Material and design

A body made up of satin bars, 32 for the male shape and 30 for the female shape, thermo-deformed and assembled with the support of four templates, two for the bases at the ends and two for the waist and shoulders.