Polis, your city on your floor.

Design: Marco Poletti

A steel floor capable of providing high performance of solidity and resistance combined with a personalized aesthetic capable of satisfying the needs of the commercial and residential world.

A floor with a modular design

Polis represents the stylized map of the city of Milan. The neighborhoods and streets run through the tiles without ever stopping while freely orienting the modules, thus assuming infinite configurations.

Composed of plates with four graphic solutions, a central, a lateral, a corner and a negative corner, Polis is designed to tell always different paths, leaving space for the personalization of the private individual or the designer.

 Through the Men System patent, Polis can be laid on any flooring, including raised floors, thanks to a special rubber under-plate that creates a soft-touch effect when walked on.


 Customizable steel flooring.

Polis, thanks to its design, is more than a flooring, it is a modern carpet that satisfies the most demanding customers: a flexible solution able to reproduce any texture and any metal finish on request through chemical photoengraving.

Many aesthetic qualities and ease of maintenance for a floor that also lends itself easily to renovation by overlapping existing floors.